An update ?
Friday 2 September 2011 at 23:04:39 by Linkin
Hello everyone,
As you can see, Dailymanga has changed a lot. Actually, Marcy can't update the website anymore so I have come to do some changes, to bring a new energy.
With two excellent members, Nymeria and Tampopo, a big work has been done on the database but we have decided to stop US updates. It's not a secret : Bakaupdates is the best reference for US releases, it's not necessary to keep up Dailymanga in its US version.
So, the website has become a good reference in french releases for unlicenced mangas.
I hope you still enjoy to come here.
Have a nice day
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Last Releases (Legend)

Sunday 29 November 2015
TÚlÚchargement Web 7 Seeds vol25 [Kokoro no manga]
TÚlÚchargement Web Kobayashi ga Kawaisugite Tsurai !! vol05 Extra [Kokoro no manga]
TÚlÚchargement Web Golden Days vol05 chap28 [Kokoro no manga]
TÚlÚchargement Web Ao no Fűin vol10 chap47 [Kokoro no manga]
TÚlÚchargement Web Yami no Kod˘ vol02 chap05 [Black Butterfly]
TÚlÚchargement Web Shiny Star vol01 chap05 [Black Butterfly]
TÚlÚchargement Web Shiny Star vol01 chap04 [Black Butterfly]
TÚlÚchargement Web Ai to Yokub˘ wa Gakuen de vol09 chap42 [Black Butterfly]
TÚlÚchargement Web Kimi to Boku wo Tsunagumono vol01 chap02 [Manga&Friends]
TÚlÚchargement Web Normal City vol01 chap02 [Manga&Friends]
TÚlÚchargement Web Kunshu-sama no Koi no Oaite (Selfish love) vol02 chap03 [Yaoi-Boys]
TÚlÚchargement Web Ice Eagle Fire Hawk vol01 chap07 [Yaoi-Boys]
TÚlÚchargement Web Ice Eagle Fire Hawk vol01 chap06 [Yaoi-Boys]
TÚlÚchargement Web Haikyo Sh˘jo vol01 chap01 [Shiro-to-Kuro]

Wednesday 25 November 2015
TÚlÚchargement Web Kemomimi Sh˘ji (Part-Time Pets) vol01 chap04 [Michi Yujo]
TÚlÚchargement Web K˘kyuu Days ľ Shichi J˘koku Monogatari vol03 chap09 [Ichigo, chocolate and cake]
1 Shiny Star84
2 Kobayashi ga Kawaisugite Tsurai !!69
3 Yami no Kod˘61
4 7 Seeds 57
5 Ai to Yokub˘ wa Gakuen de54
6 Golden Days48
7 Ao no Fűin 47
8 Kimi to Boku wo Tsunagumono47
9 Normal City40
10 Ice Eagle Fire Hawk39
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